Customer satisfaction is our number one priority

There has been a recent influx of electricians, IT guys, chain stores, and chain store employees dabbling in the audio/video business.  The growing number of under-qualified people becoming involved has discredited the industry: "in a lot of ways it's a train wreck.  You have to ask, how qualified are most of the people to do what they're doing.  Will they be there after the sale to support me?  Do they have years of experience or have just taken a local class? "1 A portion of our business has been cleaning up after some of these under-qualified people.

Many of our competitors see audio/video sales and installation as nothing more than a "profit center;" however, we see our clients as valued customers, and pride ourselves with product knowledge, the ability to choose the right product and custom services and outstanding customer service well beyond the initial sale. Don't assume since audio/visual is all we do, that we are more expensive than the "big box" stores or electricians selling run-of-the-mill "cookie cutter" systems.  Surprisingly our prices for high-end products and customized services are more than competitive.


                • 1 Source: Digital Connect Magazine, June 2006, page 36