Basic system start under $999.00*

*Price includes 1 front door plate with speaker and doorbell switch, Electronic panel and power supply.
Wire and installation extra.

Imagine answering the front or back door from any phone in the house!

This Telephone entry system creates a communication link between your front door and every telephone in the house.  The unit sends a distinctive ring to every telephone when the doorbell is rang. Simply pick up any telephone handset and press "#" or "*" twice to begin speaking to the visitor.  Already on the phone?? No problem.
By pressing one of the keys, simply puts your caller on hold and allows you to still chat with your outside visitor.

This entry system also includes two relay closures to allow you to automatically unlock a door or gate if optional latch is installed. Combine this unit with the outside speaker/camera plate and a modulator and you will have a complete and easy to use residential audio/video package.

* A modulator allows you to connect your outdoor camera and "broadcast" the signal to a unused channel that can be viewed
 on any television in the house!

doorbell plate


Intercom Camera Unit
, Includes B&W CCTV camera, speaker, microphone, doorbell button
and power supply.  Fits into a single gang box.

All Outside plates are available in a variety of finishes

Please call Fox Audio Visual for more details.