2 Channel Systems
start at $400.00*

*Price includes 2 channel modulator, amp, combiner,
and low pass filter.
Wire and installation additional.

This is a must have for any new home, or any home that uses a satellite or cable box.

This 2 channel modulator allows you to take any source with a video output such as a satellite receiver, digital cable box, indoor or outdoor security camera and "modulate" it to an unused channel and view it on any television in your house. This is extremely useful for those who do not want to purchase separate receivers or cable boxes to have dedicated to only the television that they are hooked up to.

With a modulator you can have your video sources at a central location and "broadcast" the signal to a channel that can be viewed on any television in the house!

Modulators are available in 2 to 4 channel versions and can be combined if more channels are needed. 

There are several other options available to allow the user to use a remote and change channels from any location in the home.

Please call Fox Audio Visual for more details.