This sytem has inputs for 12 audio sources and a built-in 16 x 16 high-definition video switcher. Eight additional Local Source Inputs allow you to place a private audio sources in each zone (i.e. a CD player in the master bedroom).

The on-board 16 x 16 video switcher provides the ultimate in flexibility. The system can route up  to 16 composite video sources, such as DVD players, satellite TV and VCRs, to 16 TVs or touch panels. It can also  distribute up to five component video sources and handle high definition video signals for house-wide distribution.

One unit can independently access music and video in up to eight zones. And up to four units can be linked together, giving system designers the flexibility they need to create the system thats just right for your home and lifestyle 8, 16, 24 or 32 independent listening areas.

This unit also incorporates a plethora of must-have features such as Whole-House Music, Dynamic  Range Compression, Source Leveling, Bass and Treble EQ for each zone, Volume and EQ memory retention, and Audio/Video Source-Sensing for system feedback at keypads and touch panels.

The unit integrates easily with a Communications Controller, providing you with telecommunication features such as phone-to-phone intercom, whole-house paging, 2-way door station communications, caller-on-hold, music-on-hold and more all from your existing touch-tone telephones. Color CCTV cameras can be connected directly to the unit so you can also see who is at the door, as well as monitor pool areas, nurseries, etc. You can choose from a wide selection of in-wall or tabletop keypads and touch panels that best suit your needs or the  dacor of a particular room.

With this unit there's no need to skimp on how many sources you want available throughout  your house, or the number of rooms you want to listen to them in.