4 zone systems
start at $1,595.00*

*Price includes 4 pair contract grade in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, keypads, power supply and interface  to connect to customer provided music source such as an old receiver or CD changer.
Wire and installation additional.


This multi-zone, dual-source system is very simple, powerful and cost effective for the individual looking for additional music in many rooms. You can start with as few as 2 keypads and upgrade to as many as you wish.
Each stylish keypad contains 5 buttons (power, volume up/volume down source select, all zone's off. ) and a multi segment display to show volume level.  This unit also includes a built-in infrared receiver. The receiver allows you to use an inexpensive remote control to select and control any audio source connected on the other end, such as a FM tuner or CD changer.

This system contains a modest size amplifier and provides sufficient power and fidelity for background music.