4 Zone Systems
start at $3,000.00*

*Price includes 4 pair contractor grade in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, keypads, power supply and interface  to connect to customer provided music source, such as an old receiver or CD changer.
Wire and installation additional.


This six zone, six source system is very simple, powerful and cost effective.  Multi-sourced means you can listen to a FM tuner in one room and to a CD changer in a different room. You can select any of the six audio sources and remotely control them from any room.
Each keypad contains multiple programmable buttons.  These buttons can be programmed to perform any function of the equipment connected on the other end, and allows the user to have full control.  The convenient LED displays source selected, volume level and other important status information. The keypads are attractive.  This unit also is capeable of housing a built in infrared receiver. This receiver allows you to use an inexpensive programmable remote control to control any audio source connected on the other end that is not already programmed in the keypad directly.

This system delivers 40 watts per channel and is more than adequate for everyday listening.