If you have existing "unsightly" volume knobs with only volume up and down control, you can now be upgraded to a multi zone, multi source system that rivals many of the new products on the market.

This product works with your existing older wiring and will provide you with direct selection of 4 to 8 sources(CD's, mp3 players, Ipod's, satellite rcvr's) and can be programmed to provide basic functionality of the connected device.

  • The Series 6 Controller is a 6 source multi-room controller. It is powered by renowned amplifier technology  and is supported by a massive power supply that provides 40 watts per channel.
  • Controllers are customizable and can be ordered with a minimum of 2 zones to a maximum of 8 zones. If more than 8 zones are required, the system can be expanded by adding Expansion Controllers (XC units), which allow for a maximum of 64 zones per system.

    All Matrix systems are modular in design, allowing for a totally flexible system design, including the addition of single or dual on-board tuners, an ethernet port offering full IP control, as well as alarm clock and SRS/WOW® modules. See OPTIONAL MODULES for more information.

    Series 6 Controllers can be purchased individually or, for greater savings, as a package with keypads included.

Each Keypad can be programmed not only to select any of the 6 sources,  but also provide basic  play, back, forward and stop commands.